VL/HCC 2012


Presenters’ guidelines

The official language of VL/HCC 2012 is English.

When preparing your presentation, please bear in mind that your audience comes from multiple disciplines, so try to make your presentation as widely accessible as possible.

Full and Short Paper Presentations

The VL/HCC conference presentations will take place in the Hall Brussel at the Congress Innsbruck Center. This room will be set up to hold up to 100 people.

You should plan to present from your own laptop, or the laptop of someone else in your session, if you want to coordinate with them (see the full schedule, which includes who is in which session).

Please go to the room at least 15 minutes early before your session, and plug in your laptop to the projector to make sure it works. It is best to plan your presentation with your laptop set to a resolution of 1024×768, although a higher resolution may work. We will also have a connector to plug your laptop into the room’s audio system, if you want to play sound from your computer (for example, for a video).

Each paper session will be chaired. Speakers should introduce themselves to their session chairs well before their session.

  • Full paper presentations are allocated 30 minutes — presenters should aim to speak for 25 minutes and take questions for 5 minutes.
  • Short paper presentations are allocated 15 minutes — presenters should aim to speak for 10 minutes, with 5 minutes for questions.

There will be internet available in the conference room (but it is always best  to have a backup in case it doesn’t work).

You must let the organizers know at least a week in advance of the conference if you have any special requests or concerns.


Poster and Demonstration Presentations

Presentations will be highlighted  in a 1-minute lightning talk in the poster session  in the Hall Brussel and will proceed right after by giving a poster, video, or live demonstration in the Brussel Foyer, right outside the Hall.


Lightning talks

Presenters should send 'one' slide in advance to the poster session chair Chris Scaffidi at cscaffid@eecs.oregonstate.edu (subject line: VL/HCC Poster) who will  prepare a slide show and will project it during the talks allowing each presenter exactly 60 seconds to describe the contribution of their poster, no exceptions.


Posters should be printed in advance and brought to the conference. We will provide poster stands with a solid backing and a method of attaching the posters to the stands. We expect to be able to accommodate posters of up to 32 inches × 40 inches (81 cm × 101 cm), either vertical or horizontal.


Demonstrations and videos should use personal laptops, as no supporting equipment will be available from the conference, except a table, a chair and a power plug. You must let the organizers know at least a week in advance of the conference if you have any special requests or concerns.

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