VL/HCC 2012


Posters and Demonstrations

Posters and demonstrations provide an interactive forum in which authors can present work to conference attendees during a session. This venue provides an opportunity to describe new work or work that is still in progress. Presentations may include any combination of a poster, video, or live demonstration. Easels and boards will be available for posters, but demonstrations and videos should use their personal laptops, as no supporting equipment will be available from the conference.

Submissions must include a two-page abstract in the IEEE double-column conference format and a brief description of the planned presentation. The abstract will appear in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library and must describe the research problem, contribution, and value to VL/HCC attendees. The brief description of the presentation should be submitted as a separate document and its contents may vary depending on the type of presentation.
Poster submissions should include a sketch of the planned poster. Video and demonstration submissions may include a textual description of the presentation. Both the paper and presentation description should be submitted as PDF files by email to demoposterchairs@vlhcc.org.  We encourage authors to also include a video of their work. Submitted videos must be of no more than 3 minutes in length and no more than 100 MB in size and must be prepared as MP4 files using the H.264 codec. The authors of videos must have clear copyright of the audio and visual content. Videos should be made available to the VL/HCC program committee by sending a web address to demoposterchairs@vlhcc.org, where the video can be downloaded.

Posters should be printed in advance and brought to the conference. We will provide poster stands with a solid backing and a method of attaching the posters to the stands. We expect to be able to accommodate posters of up to 3 feet by 4 feet (0,85 m by 1,2 m or DIN A0) either vertical or horizontal.

Important Dates

Poster & Demonstration submissions 29 June 2012
Notification of final decision 27 20 July 2012

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