VL/HCC 2012


Posters and Demos

Posters and demonstrations provide an interactive forum in which authors can present work to conference attendees during a session. This venue provides an opportunity to describe new work or work that is still in progress.

This year we accepted 2 demonstrations, 3 works presented both in the poster and demo format and 13 posters covering several aspects of the fields of visual languages and human-computing such as software engineering, models, sketch and multi touch interactions, visual programming environments.

The Visual Contract Builder Tool (demo)
Nuno Amálio and Christian Glodt

CONVErT: A Framework for Complex Model Visualisation and Transformation
Iman Avazpour and John Grundy

Visual languages conversion from Saber models to Modelica multi-system simulation environments
Felice Colarusso, Gennaro Costagliola, Fiorenzo D'Errico, Nicola Perillo and Fabrizio Torre

TypeJump: A Typing Game for KeyScretch
Gennaro Costagliola, Mattia De Rosa, Vittorio Fuccella and Fabrizio Torre

SmellSheet Detective: A Tool for Detecting Bad Smells in Spreadsheets (poster and demo)
Jácome Cunha, João Paulo Fernandes, Pedro Martins, Jorge Mendes and João Saraiva

Comparison of Visual Languages in Geographic Information Systems
Zdena Dobesova and Petr Dobes

Skeletons from Sketches of Dancing Poses
Manuel J. Fonseca, Stuart James and John Collomosse

Handling of Layout-Sensitive Semantics in a Visual Control Language
Niklas Fors and Görel Hedin

Combining Multitouch Gestures and Sketches to Explore Photo Collections
Paulo Gonçalves and Manuel J. Fonseca

Visual clutter reduction for UML component diagrams: A tool presentation
Lukas Holy, Jaroslav Snajberk and Premek Brada

Dependency Injection Refined by Extra-functional Properties
Kamil Je┼żek, Lukáš Holý and Premek Brada

Modelling a Cardiac Pacemaker Visually and Formally
Jérôme Leemans and Nuno Amálio

Linking Codecharts with Programs
Jon Nicholson, Aidan Delaney and Gem Stapleton

CodeSmellExplorer: Tangible Exploration of Code Smells and Refactorings (poster and demo)
Felix Raab

GUITA Toolkit: Interaction-Driven Code Tracing (demo)
André L. Santos

A Mobile Visual Programming System for Android Smartphones and Tablets (poster and demo)
Wolfgang Slany

An Advanced Interactive Visualization Approach with Extra Functional Properties
Jaroslav Šnajberk, Kamil Jezek and Premek Brada

Suitability of Visual Modelling Languages for Modelling Tangible User Interface Applications
Eric Tobias, Eric Ras and Nuno Amálio

Poster and Demonstration Chair

Claudia Ermel · Technische Universität Berlin, Germany

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